Germination of tropical seeds from Costa Rica

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Just a short update on what’s up here in our Swedish tropics in the middle of the winter. It has been a month since we returned from a truly amazing trip to wonderful Costa Rica. Sure thing I couldn’t restrain myself (and had no intention to) from collecting some seeds.

tropical palm seedsSome were on my wish list, like Vanuatu fan palm (Licuala grandis) – look through the gallery below. Even an orange form of stilt palm Areca vestiaria has been on the same palm list. I also collected a few seeds of Christmas palm (Adonidia merrillii) even so that I already got two rather mature exemplars about 9 yo from seeds from Mauritius. They are getting so big now so that if we don’t move to a place with higher ceiling, I will have to find a new home for them on their-own soon. So some new seedlings can be a new start for years to come.

Getting seeds from Chinese fan palm (Livistona chinensis) was more spontaneous action, when I saw the dense crown of large drooping fan leaves.

Besides the palms I was keen on getting seeds (and I did get them) from some interesting cultivars of Ti plant (Cordyline fruticosa) and Ixora. I found some ripe berries of dwarf Ixora compacta ‘Sunkist’.

Palms have germinated in just two weeks on warm and wet bed of perlite in a plastic box. See my older post on palms with details on seeds germination.

Ti plant and Ixora seeds are still in the process.

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  1. A few years back I was in London’s Kew the Fall. Excellent time for seed picking. Got a lot to my delight. A few months later my niece informed me she found out I could have been deported and fined (not in that order) had I been caught. Oh well. Your website is awesome.

  2. When i order from the netherlands, do i have to pay tax or is the privé i pay to you all inclusive?

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