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Grow pineapple at home

Another pineapple movie… or how to grow your own pineapples at home

Pineapple is probably the optimal exotic fruit anyone can grow indoors anywhere. Easy to plant, easy to grow and will produce a juicy, sweet pineapple within about 3 years. Unlike all avocado seeds, which get crucified over a glass of water (at least it's popular to do so here in Sweden) and which will never get into ...

Fungus gnats in flower pots

How to avoid flies in your newly potted plants

Whenever you are using organically rich soil for potting or repotting, in most cases just a few days later you will see myriads of small flies crawling in your pots. There is, however, a very easy way to avoid flies there. I often get this question from people watching my videos: why do you have sand in your ...

plant time lapse

Taking plant time-lapse

Taking time-lapse of your home plants is a way of bringing their hasteless time scale into our own, human one. We know they are moving. We notice them growing and changing. By taking photos with time intervals, we can make it as clear as seeing our own movements. One of my friends told me that he prefers growing ...

Germinated palm seeds (Adonidia merrillii)

Germination of tropical seeds from Costa Rica

Just a short update on what's up here in our Swedish tropics in the middle of the winter. It has been a month since we returned from a truly amazing trip to wonderful Costa Rica. Sure thing I couldn't restrain myself (and had no intention to) from collecting some seeds. Some were on my wish list, like Vanuatu fan ...

Caladium bicolor

Growing Caladium indoors in pots

Caladiums as house plants, when growing indoors in pots are a stunning addition to any room's design and feeling. So this is an enigma to me how is it still almost unknown not only to an average home grower, but even to professional home plants' distributors. Large, fancy painted Caladium leaves are made to be a ...

Solving Plumeria problems when growing indoors. (part 5/5)

Sooner or later you might run into problems and this last chapter in the series I hope will help you to solve most of them. Plumeria problems anyway. I will use a Q&A structure in the chronological order you might experience problems on your way from cutting to flowering. My planted Plumeria cutting doesn’t ...

Plumeria 'Mardi Gras' indoors

Plumeria (Frangipani) care and flowering indoors. (part 4/5)

Do you need green fingers for flowering Plumeria indoors? Well, everyone can have green fingers. The secret is in understanding your plants' needs and giving them what they want. There are only two reasons why your potted friends are not thriving or even dying – either they are getting too little of something or too ...

Plumeria drawing

How to start Plumeria (Frangipani) indoors. (part 3/5)

If I did my job right in the previous posts in this series, and you are now eager to start growing your own Plumeria, this wonderful piece of tropics, in your home, then you have to make a decision: do you want sprout it from seeds or to plant a cutting. Certainly you can even purchase a grown up plant ready to bloom, ...

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