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Universal plants care guide for green fingers

Hey there, green thumbs! Are your fingers green enough? Or are you one of the people posting questions like “Why are my plants not doing well?” or “What am I ...

Plant light setup, budget-friendly and easy

The winter is coming! Here in Stockholm, Sweden, on our Alaskan altitude it’s going to be long and dark as every winter here. However, this winter looks like ...

Hoya plants: info, care, shopping, species… all you wanted to know

What is the first house plant you remember from your childhood? Mine is Hoya. The plant grown all over our living room's window looked huge to little me. It ...

Dreams come true – my life on a tropical island

Have you ever played with a thought of quitting your 8-to-5 day job and moving to tropics? You feel fed up sometimes with winter, snow, cold and darkness ...

360 VR garden and greenhouses tours

Whenever I travel to a new place I always try to visit local botanical garden and to do a blog post about it. So far I've been only taking photos and sharing ...

Another pineapple movie… or how to grow your own pineapples at home

Pineapple is probably the optimal exotic fruit anyone can grow indoors anywhere. Easy to plant, easy to grow and will produce a juicy, sweet pineapple within ...

My tropical urban jungle… counted and classified

Jungles is another word for "many tropical plants in one place" so urban jungle is the right description of our apartment. But how many are many in my case? I ...

How to avoid fungus gnats in your newly potted plants

Whenever you are using organically rich soil for potting or repotting, in most cases just a few days later you will see myriads of small flies crawling in your ...

Lankester Botanical Garden, Costa Rica

Our last day of Costa Rica trip definitely wasn't a lazy one. We woke up early to meet our new local friend Erick Matamoros - a great freelancing photographer ...

A stroll in home jungles

Follow me on a short 8min video stroll through our home-grown jungles, our tropics at home on a couple of square meters. This is my entire, well almost, ...

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