Urban jungle

My tropical urban jungle… counted and classified

Jungles is another word for "many tropical plants in one place" so urban jungle is the right description of our apartment. But how many are many in my case? I didn't know the exact answer until now. I'm not gonna know it in a month or so again, as even urban jungle is a living thing, but right now I do know, because I ...

Fungus gnats in flower pots

How to avoid flies in your newly potted plants

Whenever you are using organically rich soil for potting or repotting, in most cases just a few days later you will see myriads of small flies crawling in your pots. There is, however, a very easy way to avoid flies there. I often get this question from people watching my videos: why do you have sand in your ...

Lankester Botanical Garden shop

Lankester Botanical Garden, Costa Rica

Our last day of Costa Rica trip definitely wasn't a lazy one. We woke up early to meet our new local friend Erick Matamoros - a great freelancing photographer and kindly our guide for a car trip to Irazú volcano, followed by a visit to the Lankester Botanical Garden and then a direct drive to the airport for home ...

Home jungles stroll

A stroll in home jungles

Follow me on a short 8min video stroll through our home-grown jungles, our tropics at home on a couple of square meters. This is my entire, well almost, "collection" of tropical plants I grow indoors in our flat in Stockholm, Sweden. With plant names. I did the footage in the end of March this year (2017), but I ...

Copenhagen Palm House

Greenhouses of the world: Copenhagen Palm House

When in Copenhagen, Denmark, you can easily enhance your city stroll with a quick trip to a tropical rain forest. You will find it in The Palm House in Botanical Garden of Copenhagen University. Inspired, like many other European green houses, by The Crystal Palace, it was build 1874. Together with 4 attached ...

plant time lapse

Taking plant time-lapse

Taking time-lapse of your home plants is a way of bringing their hasteless time scale into our own, human one. We know they are moving. We notice them growing and changing. By taking photos with time intervals, we can make it as clear as seeing our own movements. One of my friends told me that he prefers growing ...

Germinated palm seeds (Adonidia merrillii)

Germination of tropical seeds from Costa Rica

Just a short update on what's up here in our Swedish tropics in the middle of the winter. It has been a month since we returned from a truly amazing trip to wonderful Costa Rica. Sure thing I couldn't restrain myself (and had no intention to) from collecting some seeds. Some were on my wish list, like Vanuatu fan ...

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