Growing tropical house plants indoors

Blogging about growing iconic tropical plants in pots and containers as house plants indoors anywhere. In my case in our apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. Tropical house plants info, care, ideas and inspiration. Aloha feeling as a part of living!

Now complete with a tropical house plants shop with handpicked growers selling there.

Also travel guides for tropical plants lovers and reviews of best tropical garden hotels for your vacation time.

Sharing here my passion for growing exotic tropical plants. Making it to a life style, to a part of our home design.

Typical for dream holiday destinations, those plants are exotic for most of us. They will give a touch of Aloha feeling to any house.

Alex Mielnikau, crazy tropical plants lover at your service. Hobby grower, photographer, blogger with some selective university education in botany and tropical coastal ecosystems.

I grow palms, Plumeria, Heliconia, bananas, pine apples and much more in a tiny, by many standards, flat in Stockholm, Sweden. So you can do the same anywhere!


My blog is the heart of this site. I publish all the content as blog posts ordered in different tropical house plants related categories. Here are the latest posts:


Tropical house plants

Tropical house plants

What this is all really about. Plant info, indoors care and growing ideas for creating your own piece of tropics.

Tropical Botanical Gardens and Green Houses

Places for quick escape to tropics and to get an inspiration for your own growing.

New York Botanical Garden
Botanical guides to tropics

Guides to tropics

Not all tropics are created equal. Find here where and when to go for vacation if you are a tropical plants lover.

Best tropical garden hotels and resorts

A plant lover traveling to tropics should consider staying at a hotel where garden is taking seriously.

Best Tropical Garden Hotels


Multivendors shop for tropical plants you can grow indoors


Tropical plants photography
Tropics @Home
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