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How to grow Plumeria (Frangipani) indoors in containers. Closer look. Cultivars. True or fake on eBay? (part 2/5)

Plumeria is described as a small 6-25 ft (1,5-8 m) tree. Comparing to many other trees it is indeed can be considered small. However if we are talking about ...

How to grow Plumeria (Frangipani) indoors in containers. Introduction to Plumeria. (part 1/5)

How to grow Plumeria or Frangipani, the essence of tropics, as your home plant indoors. Potted or in container. Introduction. Part 1 of 5.

Adding tropical colors: Fittonia (Nerve plant)

If it would be up to me to give Fittonia a common name, I would call it Dollar-bill plant. Their leaves’ surface looks endurable rough and sophisticated at the ...

Greenhouses of the world: New York Botanical Garden, Enid A. Haupt Conservatory

A common knowledge is that New York has something for everyone. If your something is like mine, tropical plants, you will find them in abundance in Enid A. ...

Video update: Growing Plumeria (Frangipani) indoors

A short video update, where besides bragging about my current blooms you can also get some advises on how to deal with different growing habits depending on ...

Green houses of the world: Stockholm, Edvard Anderson Conservatory

Not even many Stockholmers know about this great tropical destination in their vicinity. Edvard Anderson Conservatory is situated a bit outside of people’s ...

Free apps for plants’ freaks

I’m both a plants’ freak (according to my colleagues) and a gadget geek according to myself. So I always happy to find some new fancy app I can download to my ...

Repotting young palm

A quick indoor gardening project for tonight to get some healthy dirt germs. Time to repot my 2 years old seedling of foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcate), a ...

Green houses of the world: Riga

Whenever I visit a bigger city, I try to go to their botanical garden with a green house. Yea, I'm that damaged. If it's in tropics, then the whole garden is ...

Adding tropical colors: Hawaiian Ti plant (Cordyline fruticosa)

Tropical plants are all about shape, size and color manifested in a way we seldom see in more modest temperate climate plants. One way to stand out among all ...

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