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Links to other tropical blogs and personal websites

A Beginner’s Guide To Gardening -16 Secret Tricks Uncovered
Many good tips and not only for beginners. Many can be used even for indoors gardening.
Alternative Eden
Mark and Gaz are creating their tropical garden, their alternative Eden in UK. They are gardening outdoors with hardy tropical plants and some more tender accent plants in pots. They even built a koi pond.
DC Tropics
Author's own presentation: I'm a botanist, plant breeder, and garden blogger in Washington, DC. I grow and write about hardy palms, bananas, begonias, gesneriads, and just about anything else that's tropical or exotic.
Epic Gardening
En extensive resource created by a very dedicated guy: Houseplants, Gardening, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Plant Problems
Tropical Gardening in New York City
Author's own presentation: Hi my name is Alex and I love everything about tropical climates including the weather and the plants. During my free time I'm either making my temperate NYC yard look tropical or watching for the next storm. I hope you enjoy my blogs!
An amazing web site for tropical gardeners in or out of tropics. It is full of great info so you can spend hours there. A big personal favorite of mine!

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