Repotting young palm

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Foxtail palm seedling ready for repotting

A quick indoor gardening project for tonight to get some healthy dirt germs. Time to repot my 2 years old seedling of foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcate), a souvenir from last Thailand trip. I took:

  1. a roughly double volume pot completed with a pot tray;
  2. leca clay balls for a good drainage bottom layer;
  3. regular potting soil;
  4. cocos coir with added micorrhiza;
  5. perlite

Coir and perlite are to make the potting mix lighter so it doesn’t suffocate the roots and holds just enough water for longer. Micorrizha is a symbiosis of tiny fungi with plants’ roots. The fungi attach to roots and become its extension helping to absorb nutrition and microelements from the soil. This is the first time I try it.

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I repot palm seedlings every year for the first 4 years, every time giving them double volume pot to grow into. When moving over one should try to not disturb the roots and just lift the whole root ball with old soil into new pot.

Here is the result, ready for another growing season. Well indoors it is growing all year round, but you really see how much faster it is during spring and summer.

Repotted foxtail seedling

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  1. Hello I want to order a tree like yours but I don’t dare because I fear that the plant will be to big for my appartment one day lol.. The size will be 130 cm when ordering I assume in less than 10 years it wil be taller than 2 meter high ?

    I don’t want to give it afterwards as it’s impossible to prune it or I probably will have no choice…What do you think ? it’s seems it grows very slowly ?

    thank you for your answer !
    Ken from Switzerland

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