Variegated Agave desmettiana

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Scientific name: Agave desmettiana f. variegata
Common names: Variegated Smooth Agave
Natural habitat: Highly cultivated for centuries, native populations of smooth agave are no longer in existence. It is thought to have originated from tropical and subtropical eastern Mexico.
Flowers: Pale yellow flowers on a thick, green flower stalk (blooms late February to May).
Soil: Well-drained soil is best for Agave desmettiana variegated.
Light: Full sun to partial shade.
Watering: tolerant to irregular watering
Hardiness: Hardy to around 25°F (-4°C), but may be partially to fully damaged by colder temperatures in certain regions.
Growing habit: Agave desmettiana variegated forms an upright urn-shaped rosette with 3-foot (91 cm) long by 4-inch (10 cm) wide leaves. It produces many basal offshoots (short-stemmed rhizomes) and has a moderate growth rate.


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Agave desmettiana variegated, also known as Variegated Smooth Agave, showcases an upright urn-shaped rosette with striking 3-foot (91 cm) long by 4-inch (10 cm) wide leaves. The leaves feature green coloration with greyish-white variegation along the middle, adding visual interest. Spines are minute or nonexistent along the margins, making it a “soft and friendly” agave.

This evergreen perennial is moderately fast-growing and often produces many offsets. It prefers full sun and is drought-tolerant. Variegated Agave desmettiana is an excellent choice for accentuating desert gardens, landscapes, or xeric design themes. It can be used as a strong focal point or in mass/group plantings spaced at 5 to 6 feet (152-183 cm) on center.

Agave desmettiana typically flowers after more than 8 years of age, with a tall, impressive flower stalk displaying pale yellow flowers. It is a monocarpic species, meaning the individual rosettes die after flowering. The plant may also produce bulbils instead of mature fruit, which adds to its unique appeal.

With a coarse texture and strap-shaped leaves that taper to a reddish terminal tip, Agave desmettiana brings an architectural element to landscapes. It requires well-drained soil and occasional watering once established.

Propagation can be done through division of basal offshoots, seed, or bulbils.

We ship only healthy plants that were grown in pots. We carefully remove the soil and wrap the roots in damp sterile coconut peat. Then, we gently pack the root ball in a plastic bag. After that, we wrap the plant in special paper and then in a sturdy cardboard box shipped with the shipping option of your choice.

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Specification: Variegated Agave desmettiana


L (4.5" pot), M (3" pot), S (2.5" pot)

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