Areca catechu dwarf form (Dwarf Betel Nut Palm)

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Common name: Dwarf Betelnut palm
Scientific name: Areca catechu f. dwarf
Origin: Malaysia
Soil: (rich)neutral, well drained
Light: semi-shade to full sun; artificial
Watering: keep it moist all the time
Hardiness: not lower than 15°C (59°F)
Height: max 10m (3’3″), stay compact in pots



Ships From: Thailand

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Areca catechu dwarf form (Dwarf Betel Nut Palm)
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Probably the best palm for indoors growing, especially in limited space. The dwarf form of well-known Betel nut palm is growing very compact and robust. Its leaves have very short petioles making for very dense and tidy appearance. The trunk is thick compared to the plant’s height. Place it by South or West/East facing window. Care is limited to light daily showers with a spray bottle. Will tolerate a few weeks without watering, but prefer to be watered as soon as top dirt layer is dry.

One package contains 1 healthy young plant with approx 3 leaves. We ship bare rooted and wrap the roots in moist coco bark.

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Growing tropical palms indoors

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Plant delivery from Thailand disclaimer

Please note that all plants are delivered from Thailand. Most countries have some strict custom rules on letting the plants in. Those rules are aimed to protect the wild flora of the export country (Thailand) as well as not letting plant diseases into the import country (your country).  We can absolutely assure that all shipped plants are healthy and nursery grown only (no wild plants) and are shipped legally from Thailand. However the package will not be marked to contain plants. Otherwise it would be inevitably stopped and destroyed by your customs. Unfortunately custom rules on plant export are practically impossible to follow for small private buyers. By ordering you acknowledge and accept the risk of the package to be destroyed by the custom services of your country as well as possible inappropriate handling of the package by your mail service. Each order will receive the tracking number.

Specification: Areca catechu dwarf form (Dwarf Betel Nut Palm)

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