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Greenhouses of the world: Copenhagen Palm House

When in Copenhagen, Denmark, you can easily enhance your city stroll with a quick trip to a tropical rain forest. You will find it in The Palm House in ...

Taking plant time-lapse

Taking time-lapse of your home plants is a way of bringing their hasteless time scale into our own, human one. We know they are moving. We notice them growing ...

The Best Tropical Garden Hotels – Hotel Bougainvillea, San José, Costa Rica

4-stars hotel with 41.000 sqm (10 acres) of sustainable tropical garden to explore in San José, Costa Rica. More than 1000 tropical plant species.

Germination of tropical seeds from Costa Rica

Just a short update on what's up here in our Swedish tropics in the middle of the winter. It has been a month since we returned from a truly amazing trip to ...

Let it be light! Led grow lights for plants.

LED lamp with regular E27 lamp holder. On the eBay page use drop-downs to select: style: Non-Dimmable color: Cool White size: PAR38-36W-60 DegreeSold by ...

Costa Rica botanical travel guide for plant lovers

Knowing where and when to go in Costa Rica can make all the difference to your vacation there. Wet, or as they call it green and dry seasons are an obvious ...

Growing Caladium indoors in pots

Caladiums as house plants, when growing indoors in pots are a stunning addition to any room's design and feeling. So this is an enigma to me how is it still ...

Solving Plumeria problems when growing indoors. (part 5/5)

Sooner or later you might run into problems and this last chapter in the series I hope will help you to solve most of them. Plumeria problems anyway. I will ...

Plumeria (Frangipani) care and flowering indoors. (part 4/5)

Do you need green fingers for flowering Plumeria indoors? Well, everyone can have green fingers. The secret is in understanding your plants' needs and giving ...

How to start Plumeria (Frangipani) indoors. (part 3/5)

If I did my job right in the previous posts in this series, and you are now eager to start growing your own Plumeria, this wonderful piece of tropics, in your ...

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